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you can't download it

you have to have a gameboy advance with sonic advance 1 or 2 and you transfer your chao in the tiny chao garden on the gameboy advance using a cable(i don't remember wath sort of cable) NOTE:Works only on the GC version

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Q: How do you doanload tiny chao garden in sonic adventure dx?
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Do you have a chao in sonic adventure 2 battle as soon as you start?

You have to unlock the Chao Garden by collecting the Chao Key in a stage. After you unlock the Chao Garden, there will be two Chao eggs in the garden.

Sonic 2 adventure battle can your chao reincarnate if you are not on?

No, you cannot. You have to be in the garden with a character that your chao loves for it to recarnate

Can you trade chao from sonic adventure to sonic adventure 2 battle?

If you have a gameboy advance and a link to the gamecube and the gba then you could send chao into tiny chao garden in sonic advance and then put them back in the other game. It works!

How do you make your chao reincarnate faster in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

Leave yourself in the chao garden and go do something else

Can you get two charictors in the chao garden at once in sonic adventure 2 battle?


How do you transfer chao from Sonic Advance to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

Get a Gameboy and Gamecube hook up link cable. You can get one from gamestop for example. A link to gamestop's link cable is in the related links. Go to the thing you can put Chao in and choose "Transfer Chao". Make sure you are in the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure.

How do you move chaos in sonic adventure 2?

Pick up a chao and walk out the door to the chao garden of your wish

How do you reincarnate a chao on sonic adventure battle 2?

Go to the fortune teller in the Chao Kindergarten.

Is there a chao garden in Sonic Heroes?

No, there is no chao garden in sonic heroes

In sonic adventure dx how do you give chao small animals?

Pick up the animal in the chao garden, then walk up to your chao. :l

In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle how do you get a tails chao in your garden?

Use action replay

How do you get a chao into kidndergarden on sonic adventure battle 2?

Enter the chao garden and leave and turn around and walk forward.