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This is the true answer so listen. When you're in the cave and you get out of the cage, go to the table with the hammer and click on the blue-prints on the wall. At the end, when Herbert calls G, when he asks you what happened then click on the box that says I found your blue-prints. At the very end, when its over click on the green box that says receive your gift,or something like that, and you will get the stamp! Trust me it works, so try it out for yourself.

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Q: How do you do the secret task in Mission 6 of the PSA?
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What is the secret mission in epf mission6?

In Mission 6, the secret task is to return the Electro Magnet 3000 plans to G.

Is there a secret task in mission 6 in club penguin?

You get the magnet blueprint from Herbert's desk before you leave his cave.

What is the answer to Pretty Little Liars secret seekers mission 6?


What is the secret code for mission 6 of Cartoon Network' toon creator?

it is78389559

What are the release dates for Rescue 8 - 1958 The Secret of the Mission 1-16?

Rescue 8 - 1958 The Secret of the Mission 1-16 was released on: USA: 6 January 1959

What is the secret code for Mission 6 of Cartoon Network's Toon Creator2010?

78389559 in us

What is the secret code for Mission 6 of Cartoon Network's Toon Creator in the Philippines?


What is the secret code of Mission 6 of Cartoon Network's Toon Creator?

the answer is four letters

What are the missions in Club Penguin called?

Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles Mission 2: G's Secret Mission Mission 3: Case of the Missing Coins Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue Mission 5: Secret of the Fur Mission 6: Questions for a Crab Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors Mission 9: Operation Spy Seek Mission 10: Waddle Squad Mission 11: The Veggie Villain

What are ALL the missions on club penguin?

mission 1. Case of the missing puffles. mission 2. Gs secret mission mission 3. Case of the missing coins mission 4. Avalanche rescue mission 5. Secret of the fur mission 6. Questions for a crab mission 7. Clockwork repairs mission 8. Misterous tremors mission 9. Oparation spy seek mission 10. Waddle squad mission 11. The veggie villain

How do you beat mission 6 on club penguin psa secret missions?

once u follow the crab in the cave, mix puffle o's with hot sauce, and put it through the door. collect rope and anchor. mix rope and anchor together. go to wall. throw anchor/rope on wall. u r rescued!

What is the secret code to get the moshling penny?

There is no code to get Penny. You have to complete Super Moshi Mission 6 to get Penny. 011: *Penny the Mini Money [Luckies] Super Moshi Mission 6: Super Moshiversity Challenge