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Simply line yourself up with a trail of rings and press the 'B' button, if done correctly the character will follow along the trail of rings

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Q: How do you do a light dash in sonic adventure 2 battle?
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How do you do a spin dash in sonic adventure 2 battle?

Hold B

Sonic's abilities in sonic adventure 2?

I believe the full list is light dash, fire spin, bounce, light attack, and magic hands.

How do you do a light speed dash in sonic colors ds?

The light speed dash in not in sonic colors

Who won in a battle of sonic and Mario?

in the death battle of mario vs sonic sonic won by a spin dash to the back.

What are shadows attacks in sonic adventure 2 battle?

Homing attack, spin dash, Chaos Spear and Chaos Control. Don't blame me if I missed any ok? I haven't played it for a while.

How do you attack in battle mode on sonic riders?

Press B to do a dash while in the dash go near your oppenents to attack them.

Can Sonic do light dash in Sonic Unleashed?

Yes he can. Just 'sonic boost' after touching the first ring in a chain of rings... Hope this helps!

What does tc mean on the dash lights for a Chevy sonic turbo ltz?

what does the t/c warning light on the dash of a 2015 chevy sonic turbo ltz mean

What moves can Sonic do?

Following that i can remember are: Attacks: Spin Dash Light Dash Bounce Homing Attack Chaos Control

Where do you get the flame ring for shadow in sonic adventure 2 battle?

Ok after you start the level keep going through it until you reach the spot where the first chao box is go up then up the springs turn left and somersault under the spining thing you should be able to use a spin dash jump or light dash to get to the flame somerault powerup.

Where are the lightspeed attack shoes for sonic in sonic adventure 2 battle?

The light speed attack power up for Sonic is in Green Forest. After passing the second blue dash panels you will go into a cave. In this cave go to the top where the checkpoint is and run towards the ring item capsules. Right by there you should find a floating robot enemy, home attack it and use it to continue off to the right and you should land on a platform hidden from the view. The power up is sitting on this platform.

How fast can Sonic the Hedgehog run?

Sonic the Hedgehog, on average, is known to run faster than the speed of sound. Sonic could instantly accelerate faster than the speed of sound with ease as shown in sonic x episode 1. He could increase his speed by using his Super Peel-Out technique, as shown in Sonic the hedgehog cd, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble, and Sonic Blast. In Sonic Adventure DX manual it states that ''He's the world's fastest, hypersonic hedgehog'' which is at a staggering speed of 3,840 mph. In Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes and in Sonic generations, Sonic can move at the speed of light, as seen by his specific light speed set of moves. Those moves include the light speed dash and light speed attack. In super interactive annual 2014 sonic the hedgehog book in his profile in the guidebooks. It states that sonic is faster than the speed of light. In Sonic Colors (DS) -Omega made calculations from Sonic and remarked that light speed would be exceeded by him, and Sonic replied that light speed is too slow for him (I think you know how Sonic feels about slower things). In Sonic the Comic: Hyper Sonic #134: Something about 2 missiles on opposite ends of continents about to hit. He pushed himself to his extreme limit, and really straned himself, entering a realm where time was stopped. He then proceeded to take out the threats in no time. After this, he had trouble getting out of this accelerated mode and was nearly stuck permemantly , until he found how to slow himself down to get out of it. So basically, sonic moved at the speed of infinite, because he was moving from one location to another in NO TIME.