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E+H E is for Emote, H is for Heart. And you can click the emote button and it shows all kinds of emotes.

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Q: How do you do a heart emote on Club Penguin?
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Can you kiss a penguin on Club Penguin?

No, but you can do the heart emote. >;/

How do you make a thank you face emote in club penguin?

There's no emote such as a 'Thank You face' emote on club penguin.

On club penguin how do you use the puffle emote?

Press EP. Then the puffle emote shows.

How do you get the puffle emote on Club Penguin?

E + p

How do you make a food emote on club penguin?

They're 2 types of food emotes on Club Penguin. There is the Pizza Emote and the Cake Emote. You can make the Pizza Emote by pressing the two letters, "e" and, "z" on your keyboard. You can make the Cake Emote by pressing the two letters, "e" and, "k" on your keyboard. Written by the penguin: Jellyfish33

How do you use the music emote on club penguin?

press et

How do you do the skull emote on Club Penguin?

there is one its e t

What does BL mean on Club Penguin?

BL means the emote . . __

Can you still do the skull emote on club penguin?

No the skull emote is no longer available because some players found it offensive

Why does Club Penguin have the tongue icon?

The tongue emote on club penguin is used for fun times, like when someone said a good joke or when you beat them. Note - Don't use the emote as an offence or you could get banned.

What happens if loads of people put the sick emote on on club penguin?


How do you do a coin symbol in Club Penguin?

E+M (stands for emote+money)