How do you do DS download play?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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First of all, you need two Nintendo DS's. Then put the game you want to download play in one of the two DS's. Turn on the DS with the game in it. Start the game. You should then be at the title screen of the game. Use your stylus to click on versus mode. I don't know what game your refering to so go through whatever prosses to get to versus mode. If the game is download play compatable, then there should be two options. To tell if a game can use the download feature check the back of the case and there should be a picture with a DS with black screens and a DS with white screens. Underneath there should be some sentence about download play. Once you are in versus mode there should be something that says something like, "VS. Play" and "VS. Download Play" Press vs download play. Now turn on the other DS. After you touch the screen there should be four options. One long bar at the top that lets you play DS games, a long bar at the bottom that lets you play Gameboy games, a short bar in the middle left that lets you go into pic to chat, and a short bar in the middle right that lets you go into download play. Touch download play. It will then say searching for a software avalible to download. Make the top screens touch and they should connect faster. A picture and the game name should come up on the screen. Touch it. Again, I am not sure what game you are refering to so if needed press ok or go or whatever on the DS with the game. It should then be downloading the game and your good to go.

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Q: How do you do DS download play?
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Can starfox command DS play DS download play?

yes, it can

Do you have to have 2 of the game to ds download?

No, the DS Download Play is a feature for people with one game card and 2 or more DS Consoles. Not every multiplayer game has DS Download play.

How do you download stuff on Nintendo ds lite?

The Nintendo DS Lite cannot download new software or updates unlike the NDSi or 3DS. It can only DS Download play, which temporarily allows you to play a downloaded DS game. You can find the DS Download Play button in the home menu of the Nintendo DS.

How do you get to ds download play from the r4 main screen?

You cant, R4ds doesnt supply ds download play. You just need to take the r4ds out of the slot and go into ds download play manually.

Can a DSi DS download play with a DS?


Can you play Mario party ds mutiplayer without ds download play?

No :(

How do you use DS download play?

You need another DS with a game that supports single-card download play, then all of the other DS's can join after it shows up on the download play menu (unless the group is full)

Are there any DS emulators that can access DS Download Play?

Yes, but to be able to get you anything on DS Download Play you will need to be more specific as to certain games you would like. Any DS emulator can get you access to DS Download Play but they will need to know exactly what games you want.

How do you play as Shy Guy in Mario Kart DS?

You can only play as Shy Guy when you download the game for multiplayer mode in DS Download Play.

How you connect my ds to my wii?

It connects wirelessly go on ds download play and download software

Does the Nintendo DSi have DS Download Play?

if you mean the DS Download Play channel, then yes. :)

Is 3d DS capable of playing against other DS?

Yes. The 3DS can play DS games and DS Download Play with them.