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go to your photos and click display

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Q: How do you display photos on the main menu of the Nintendo DSi?
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Where do you view pictures on an iPod Nano?

In the main menu, there is a section called Photos.

How do you play Mario Kart online?

In the main menu, choose Nintendo WFC.

How do you download apps to your Nintendo DSi?

the dsi shop its a box on the main menu

Does the Nintendo 64 have a Main Menu?

No, it ran cartridges. If there was nothing in the system nothing loaded.

Do all Nintendo dss come with pictochat?

Yes. From every DS, you can access PictoChat from the main menu.

How do you change the LG shine theme?

On the main menu go to Settings, then go to display, then to color schemes.

How do you access the main menu of shadows of almia?

switch on your Nintendo ds with Pokemon ranger shadows of almia in,and when the game is loaded here is the main men

How do you clear the memory on Nintendo DS?

You Just Set It In The Main Menu Where It Lets Youh Select Pictochat And Just Use All That

How do you create a new game on Pokemon platinum?

Go to the main menu by restarting you Nintendo DS and select 'New Game'.

What happens if a Nintendo ds turns on and off?

it restarts the ds from the begging at the main menu mode and unless you did not save your data it will be lost!

How Can you play multiplayer on live call duty 4 on Wii?

go to mityplayer on the main menu and go to the Nintendo wifi condition

Which menu in Word is accessed to display rulers?

The View menu.