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Go to them and turn them off.

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Q: How do you destroy water towers in prototype?
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How do you destroy the hives in prototype?

Find a tank/chopper. Bomb it.

Where did they destroy the twin towers?

new york

Who made twin towers fall?

2 planes with terrorists wanted to destroy the twin towers

Did the us destroy the twin towers?

No, we didn't do it ourselves.

How many minutes did it take to destroy the twin towers?

It took minutes to destroy but years to build

Can you destroy all the hives and bases in prototype to stop the infection?

No. unless you hack the game ...

Why did terrorist want to destroy the twin towers?

because they are dumb

Who sent terrorists to destroy the Twin Towers?

osama binladin

Is therewater in water towers?

Did you know there is really water in POPTROPICA water towers.

What does RR water towers stand for?

Rubentium Robertialicus Water Towers

How many water towers are in Minneapolis MN?

How many water towers minneapolis mn

How do you get a lot of ep in prototype 2?

You can mostly just destroy tanks and kill and kill/consume infected brawlers