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At the beginning of the game (right before you click "start game"), scroll down. You will see an option that says "new game." Click on that to start a new game, which will in turn delete your own one.

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Q: How do you delete your old game on Pokemon Platinum Version to create a new game?
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How do you delete pokemon platinum version?

you do new game then save over the other game

How can you delete Pokemon platinum?

you cant

How do you create new save file in Pokemon platinum when you are already playing?

u cant. u have to delete the first file in order to create another one.

How do you delete a Pokemon on Pokemon white version?

to delete a pokemon, click on it in the pc and click release

Will using action replay in Pokemon Platinum delete some of your Pokemon or progress you made in the game?

it doesn't in Pokemon dimond but i don't have Pokemon platinum

What box to put your Pokemon and release them on Pokemon platinum?

any box and press delete

How do you delete Pokemon in FireRed version?

You "release" them.

Delete Pokemon in the red version?

You can't delete pokemon. You can just release it. If you want a guide, go It has a walkthrough on Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green Version.

How do you delet my acouny on Pokemon Platinum?

To delete your account on Pokemon Platinum you need to press B and Up while you are on the main menu at the intro of the game.

How do you delete a profile on Pokemon platinum?

Up+SELECT+B all together

How do you delete HM moves in Pokemon Platinum?

the move deleter in canalave city :) =)

How can you delete a Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum version?

You cant delete a Pokemon. You can however releasea Pokemon.1.Put the Pokemon in a PC box.2.Tap on it and scroll through the mini list till you find release.3.Click on release and confirm.4.You will say goodbye and your Pokemon will go away.WARNING: YOU CAN NOT GET THE POKEMON YOU RELEASED BACK EVER! If you are certain you will never want this Pokemon you can release it.HOPE THIS HELPS!~moondawgi