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the move deleter in canalave city

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Q: How do you delete HM moves in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where can you delete hm moves Pokemon platinum?

The house above the pokeshope in canalav city

How do you delete moves a Pokemon won't let you delete?

go to the move deleter to delete moves such as HM

How can delete hm Pokemon Silver?

Go to blackthorn city and find the move deleter's house he will delete anyone of your pokemon's moves including HM's.

When can you get rid of hm moves Pokemon pearl?

You can delete HM Moves via the Move Deleter, who is located in Canalave City.

How do you delete HM moves in Pokemon FireRed?

To delete an HM move, you must go to the move deleter in Fushia city. He can delete any move you want to... even a HM move! but don't forget that after that HM is deleted that Pokemon only has 3 moves left so teach it another move!

How do you erase hm moves on Pokemon platinum what town is he in?

"Talk to the move deleter."

How do you delete HM moves in Pokemon Blue?

There is no move deleter in Pokemon Blue - however, there are Gameboy Genie and GameShark codes to aid in the removal of HM moves from the early games.

How can you remove HM in Pokemon platinum?

People say you can't, but you CAN make HM moves remove. You must go to to the move deleter (don't know anymore which town/city) and then select the HM move he would say that he can't delete that (HM) move!! Then talk again to him and he will forget the HM move!!

How do you make Pokemon forget hm?

In all the Pokemon games, there is a Move Deleter person. Talk to him to delete moves.

How do you delete hm moves in diamond?

go to canalave city the house south of the Pokemon center

Where is the move deletor in Pokemon diamond?

He is in canalave city. To get there you need the HM surf. You can get it in celestic town. If you want to delete some moves, be ready to get rid of HM moves.

How do you delete hm moves in Pokemon Yellow?

You cannot delete HMs in Yellow. It is said in the game that HM moves are permanent. If you will need to use HM's such as flash and cut that are not too useful in battles, just teach it to Pokemons that you will not use in battles so that your main roster's skills will be strong moves.