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Put your SD card in a Computer/Laptop, open it's file, find your songs (which are usually show up right when you open it, unless you made different folder for them) right click the song you want to delete, then select DELETE.

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Q: How do you delete songs from your dsi?
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Does formatting you dsi delete all the updates?

i also have a dsi XL i also formatted the memory it will only erase photos music and songs it does not erase updates or downloads

How do you delete regain DSI games?

If you delete your DSi store games, you can redownload them from the DSi store itself.

How do you delete apps on the dsi?

you go to options and go to delete

How do you delete a game off of the DSi?

Actually you can't delete a game off a DSi but you can if you take it to a game repair shop

How does the dsi sort songs?

unfortunatly, the dsi will not sort songs, you need to make your own folders

How do you delete dsi sound from your dsi?

So if you what to delete them all go to dsi sound and hit settings then hit delete dsi sound data. if you just want to delete 1 recording go to record and edit a sound then touch the one that you want to delete then hit delete in the bottom right if you want to know how to delete the whole app then you cant its not possible

How do you put full soundtracks on to DSi Flipnote?

make the speed go faster you cant put full songs on speed 1 or delete some pages

Can you download songs in Nintendo DSi?

I do not know but i do know that you can put an SD card to put songs on the DSi.

Can you get your dsi points back?

No,but if you accidentally delete any of your DSi Ware,you can re-download the DSi Ware for free.

How can you delete an update from DSi XL?

After you update the DSi XL, there is no way in removing that update.

Can you uploud songs on a dsi?

Yes you can upload songs on a Nintendo Dsi but you have to buy a SD card and put the songs in the SD card first. The songs have to be AAC format.

Can you delete downloaded games on the dsi?