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Either press new game and save over your file or press B Up Select on the title screen then say Yes.

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Q: How do you delete old file in Pokemon Red?
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How do you delete a Pokemon profile on Pokemon black and white?

just click new game and if u dont want ur old file save ur new file and it will over write ur old file

How do you start a new game in Pokemon black if you already stated one?

All Pokemon games are games in which you only have ONE load file. You can't start another file Unless you delete the old one

How do you delete your old load game on Pokemon perl?

On the title screen, press Up, B, and Select at once to show up the deletion menu. A prompt will ask you if you are sure if you want to delete your save file, then tap "Yes".

How do you delete the game data in Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia?

whenever you restart the game whenever you try to save it will ask you if you want to save over your old file,AND its that simple

How do you get a new hideout on Pokemon Sapphire?

delete your old one

How do you Delete files 7 days old?

you go to file or edit and scroll down and hit options, then hit delete.

Can you start a new game on Pokemon mystery dungeon exploeres of sky whist still keeping the old save file?

Unfortunately, no. The only way to start a new game is to delete your current save file and start a new game.

In Pokemon diomand you start a new game does it delete the other?

As you are unable to have multiple saves on Pokemon Diamond, that means that it does delete your old save. no you have to save first after pressing new game see if you press new game nothing happens to your old file it will go away if you press save while on the new game it will ask are you sure you want to get rid of the older save file if you say yes its gone forever and now you started fresh.

How do you catch the old man on Pokemon Red?

The old man is not a Pokemon

Pokemon Red is old but how old is Pokemon Red tho?

i would say maybe between 17 and 11

What is an old Pokemon game?

Pokemon Fire Red

How do you save a file in Pokemon if you haven't eraced the old one?

you save and overwrite the file