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That is impossible, as you cannot delete a Webkinz account.

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Q: How do you delete a webkinz estore account?
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How do you get the estore coins after buying them?

They appear on your account on estore, not in webkinz. you use them on estore for things for

Where are your monthy delux estore points when signing up for webkinz delux membership?

I have had Deluxe Membership before so I asked this same question to my dad (when I was younger). Finally he figured out that the Webkinz eStore points are on the Ganz eStore website on your Ganz eStore account. You can transfer the points to your Webkinz account somehow. (Sorry, I don't know how). Then you can buy eStore items at the Webkinz eStore. I hope this helped! :)

How long do you have to be on Webkinz World to be able to get a Webkinz eStore account?

There's no set amount of time. You get get a Webkinz eStore account as soon as making a regular account for Webkinz. Just go to their website and make an account there. It will be linked with your playing account, so any points or items you buy, will be on your playing account.

Where can you find an webkinz estore in sierra vista?

the webkinz eStore is at the webkinz site!

How much money do you pay per month for a e store account and webkinz?

we'll you don't have to pay for the estore items or webkinz only if you have one but if you have an account for the estore and want to buy something there you have to pay!

How do you get Webkinz estore points?

The mother or father of the kid has to buy them in the estore

On webkinz how do you get estore points?

You can either go the and click on "Estore Points" on the right corner of the page, or log into your Webkinz account, click on "Webkinz Estore" in the Things To Do menu, and click "Add Points." You can purchase points through a debit or credit card, and you have to be 18 or older to buy anything from the Estore.

How old do you have to be to create a webkinz estore account?

well you have to be ages10 and up its not relly a big thing to be in an estore oh and they dont have estore aounts any more sorry !

How much does a webkinz estore account cost?

A webkinz estore account in the ganz estore doesn't cost anything. all you have to do is create an account (using your email address as the user) and then you can buy points from your credit card to buy stuff from the ganz estore. After you buy stuff, they send to your email a code to put in the code so[ to unlock what you bought or a pet code. good luck

When you buy something in the ganz estore on webkinz deluxe where does the item go?

in your storage on your account

Where do you get the Webkinz lion?

You can get it at the webkinz estore.

Can you delete webkinz off your account?

You cannot delete a Webkinz from your account. When adopting it, a message pops up before the security code that says something like, "This webkinz will be added to _____'s account." and it also states that you cannot delete a Webkinz from your account.