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You can`t,it`s permanent.

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Q: How do you delete a webkinz account?
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How do you delete a webkinz estore account?

That is impossible, as you cannot delete a Webkinz account.

Can you delete webkinz off your account?

You cannot delete a Webkinz from your account. When adopting it, a message pops up before the security code that says something like, "This webkinz will be added to _____'s account." and it also states that you cannot delete a Webkinz from your account.

How do you delete a Webkinz?

You cannot just "delete" a webkinz. Over time your whole account will expire but you can renew your account by adopting a new webkinz. You cannot delete a can not.

Can you delete a webkinz pet and let someone else have it to log on with?

No, you cannot delete yours or someone else's Webkinz account. If you want to delete yours, there's a way for the company to delete it. So never add any more Webkinz to that account and never renew it because Webkinz accounts expire in a year.

Can you delete your Webkinz Membership?

No,only if your account expires the last answer was wrong

Can you steal other peoples stuff on webkinz?

Yes, but they will find out and delete your account.

Can you delete your webkinz account that is more than a year old?

i think you can but I'm not sure how.

What happens when a webkinz account is frozen?

Next time please be more specific but if Webkinz freezes simply hold down Ctrl Alt and Delete and a box should appear which will let you exit out of the computer if your account gets frozen it is most likely because either your computer or Webkinz is updating or fixing Webkinz

Does Bridgit Mendler have a webkinz account?

do you have a webkinz account.

How do you rename a webkinz account?

you can not rename your webkinz account

How can you have someones Webkinz account?

By buying a Webkinz and creating an account

How do you delete a room on Webkinz?

You cannot delete rooms in Webkinz but you can change the wallpaper/paint and/or flooring and make it into another room!