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you cant it never comes off

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Q: How do you delete Netflix app off xbox 360?
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How do you stream Netflix on xbox 360 elite?

Netflix can be viewed on any Xbox 360 console through downloading the video app entitled "Netflix. " Xbox Live Gold and a Netflix subscription are required to use the app.

Why is there no youtube on my xbox 360?

they just added youtube as an app for the xbox

How do you get Netflix on xbox 360 for free?

You have to start your free Netflix trial from the Netflix website. Once you do that download the netflix app from the video marketplace on your xbox. When you first open it up it will give you an activation code, go to enter the code and there you have netflix on your xbox

How do you stop the app life 360 from tracking everywhere I go?

Log out or delete the app

Which Xbox app plays spartacus?

You can watch many episodes of Spartacus on Netflix.

Do you have to have an Xbox to use the Xbox live app on the windows phones?

No the Xbox live app on windows phones is able to link to an xbox 360 but it also has games that you can buy

Is there a showtime app for xbox 360?

Nope,,, at least not yet :/

Does the x box 360 play Netflix?

Via the netflix app that will appear under Apps on the homescreen. The first time it is a short download then you don't have to do anything after that just login and your good to go! It's easy I use it all the time saves on the cable bill!

Do PC games work on a Xbox?

They do not currently work on the xbox 360 console but I'm sure in the future they'll make it available to buy an app for it.

Do Xbox games work on PC?

They do not currently work on the Xbox 360 console but I'm sure in the future they'll make it available to buy an app for it.

Can you watch Netflix on your ipod touch?

yes. There is a free app in the app storeyes. you can. go to the app store, and search for netflix.

Will you be charged even if you delete your app?

You will only be charged for an app if you have to pay for the app. You do not get a refund if you delete your app.