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When over the game listed under the games menu use the option key then select delete from the options then yes

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Q: How do you delet games off your ps3?
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How do I delete saved data in the Incredible Hulk game on ps3?

delet it on zabt

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How do you play the PS3 games you downloaded off the PS3 store?

First you must install them and they must be games for the PS3 and not the PSP. Look under games on the menu bar of the PS3 and click on the game. You might also have to download updates before you can play the game after you install it.

What is the website for games for psp go?

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Can you play PS3 games on PS3 slim?

All PS3 models can play PS3 games and also select PS1 games

Can you play ps3 games off an external flash drive?


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no you can download just ps3 games on you ps3

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A PS3 can play PS3 games and some Playstation games

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Why wont gta install?

Because you have full storage delet games to free storage

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PS3 games are supposed to be region free