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you just keep killing all the enemies running at you and then eventually you'll be taken away

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Q: How do you defend the lz for extraction on black ops?
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Who is the bad guy in modern warfare 2?

Surprisingly, General Shepherd. When you get the ACS module and get to the LZ, he kills Roach and Ghost. Then he tells the men in Afghanistan to kill Soap and Price.

Is Ghost Gaz?

I think he lives because:1.Ghost is the only person that calls Cpt. Mactavish "soap".2.If you hack cod4 you see that he gets shot in the elbow.3.Plus, when your get put on the bed, he smiles, puts on a helmet, and crawls to cover.4.In a interview, the actor that plays Gaz says in mw2 that he wants to improve his character, which means hes still alive.5. They call Gaz Ghost because he comes back from the "dead".6. They only put a helmet on Ghost because thay don't want you find out that he really is Gaz.7.All you people saying that Infinity Ward confirmed his death, how did you get contact wth them.Kobe-likeIn the beginning of cod4 during the "training" session, price mentions thatGaz held the squad record with 19 seconds. This shows us that this guy was always fast in these kind of courses. So when we jump to the training mission visversa session, if you stay back in the pit, you can hear corporal Dunn talking to the other units, saying " Yeah man, I saw this guy with a ski mask that had a skull painted on it," (description of ghost) "18.28!"(the time) again, fast in the course. And now most of you are saying that all this doesnt matter because ghost got killed in "Loose Ends", but I have yet another theory. In beginning of loose ends the very first thing you hear is toad and archer (the snipers) say "Snipers in position." and then later you hear them say "Hold on, I'm displacing. You're gonna be without sniper support for 30 seconds." infity ward doesn't want you to forget about toad and archer. Why? Because by the time TF141 reaches the LZ, snipers are still active. Since ghost was shot on the RIGHT side of the chest and little gas was poured on him, he COULD have survived. So then the sniper team crawled up to ghost and roach, (having the fire and smoke catch there attention) saw that ghost was still alive, and called the TF141 for help and the team back to base, stitch up ghost or gaz or whoever the hell this dude is that wears a ski mask with a skull painted on it. nuff sed. PEACEAnswer 2No, they just have the same voice actor (Craig Fairbass). It is possible that they could be somehow related.

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What was LZ in the Vietnam war?

Lz means landing zone :3

What does the military term lz men?

LZ means "Landing Zone"

When was LZ Granderson born?

LZ Granderson was born on 1972-03-11.

What did the soldiers mean when they said it was a hot lz in the Vietnam war?

Already answered this question, but didn't define the "LZ" part. LZ=Landing Zone.

What does LZ stand for?

During the Vietnam War, LZ stood for Landing Zone. Within weeks or months many of those Landing Zones became firebases. Consequently, one might hear the words, "LZ Blackhawk or LZ Rifle"...when referring to Firebase Blackhawk or Firebase Rifle. The LZ's were for designated helicopter landings originally.

What are the coordinates for lz crow Vietnam?


Your Remington 12 gauge has on barrel LZ what year and date would that be?

LZ is for both the month of manufacture and year L=Feb Z=1975

When will the predator lz be released in Canada?

tomorrow definetly

What element is LZ 129?

its a big bllooan fdfdfdfdff

What is a hot LZ?

A hot lz is a military term for a landing zone (hence LZ) that is under heavy fire. It was used many times in Vietnam due to the constant in and out of helicopters. During a "hot" LZ, the landing zone was under too much fire for a helicopter to land, so the soldiers must jump out of the helicopter in stead of it landing. The helicopter never touches the ground for the purpose of getting in and out as fast as possible.

What are the ratings and certificates for Von Zeppelin 1 bis LZ 130 - 1937?

Von Zeppelin 1 bis LZ 130 - 1937 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:o.Al.

What are the release dates for TEDTalks - 2006 LZ Granderson The Myth of the Gay Agenda?

TEDTalks - 2006 LZ Granderson The Myth of the Gay Agenda was released on: USA: June 2012