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You have to jump twice shoot 4 times and then get hit once and then he dies YAY :D

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Q: How do you defeat the final boss on johnny upgrade?
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Where are the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Rush Adventure?

You have to drive a shipe that Tails built and find Johnny. Tails will ask you if you want to challenge Johnny in the Wave Cyclone. You're gonna have to sail out in the open to find him. If it seems impossible to beat him at certain races, have Tails upgrade the waterbike so it goes faster. Have fun people.QUESTION:How do you get to that part? I have completed the game and beaten the final boss with both characters, but there are no Chaos Emeralds showing on Sonic. I have all the Sol Emeralds for Blaze though. How do I get to the part you suggested above?-Pokefan1357ANSWER:All you do is you defeat the boss in big swell and then tails can upgrade your wave cyclone waterbike and then you can use the ocean tornado sailboat and then you just sail around randomly and when you find johnny the goal will appear before you planned it and tails will say a waterbike is coming this way at high speed! Then johnny will come and tails will ask you if you want to race him. The first and second time is easy, just win with your normal water bike then the third and fourth are harder and you have to upgrade your waterbike once and then you can win. the last two you will need to upgrade your waterbike three times then you can win.The first one you should have already in the story mode

How do you get extra mode in Kirby return to dreamland?

Defeat the final boss and complete the game, then extra mode will be selectable right next to normal mode.

How do you make the boss laugh until they throw up on kick your boss 2?

use foam hand, upgrade it and keep on poking the boss.

What to defeat to get mithril in patapon?

well, u defeat different bosses, for ex. i always get MY mithrils from the last boss.

How do you get to fight devil doom in shadow the hedgehog?

Beat every stage and boss to reach the final story, and beat it. Devil Doom is the final boss.

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How do you upgrade the waterbike in sonic rush adventure?

defeat the final boss then go talk to tails. Tails will tell you the material's u need to get if you all ready have them he will upgrade it hope this helps

Who is the final boss in Metroid Prime 2?

Dark Samus is the final boss. And after you defeat her, you have to escape to your ship.

On ametuer surgen how do you defeat the bomb?

Fight the final boss

How do you get the final ending in epic mickey?

When you defeat the final boss of the game Epic Mickey a cut scene showing the events followed the defeating of the boss show. In your terms, the cut scene that follows the final boss is the "final ending".

How do you beat The World Ends With You?

Complete the final day and defeat the final boss. There is additional content afterwards.

How do you defeat the final boss on Metal Gear Solid 3?

Kick his balls !!

How can you defeat Evrae on the cabin in Final Fantasy X?

You can defeat pretty much any boss in FF10 by filling up all of the aons limit gauges and using all of them against the boss.

What do when you beat New Super Mario?

you will beat the game after you defeat the final boss in world 8

Can a level42 minstrel alone defeat the final boss in dragon quest 9?

no I'm afraid not

How do you defeat the boss in Final Fantasy X?

you have to use tidus to talk to him and then hit him with aeon blasts

Where do you find Ultima weapon FFCC echoes of time?

You must defeat the final boss character on hard difficulty and he might drop it (rare boss drop)

What is music from final boss?

which final boss.