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well, u defeat different bosses, for ex. i always get MY mithrils from the last boss.

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Q: What to defeat to get mithril in patapon?
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How do you get second mater sprout in patapon 2?

defeat shookle

How do you get alchemy minigame in patapon 2?

defeat manboth in lvl.3

How can you get the last phantom mask in patapon 2?

defeat darantula in the paraget{egg}

How do you get the enforcer armor on adventure quest worlds?

defeat the mithril man in crash site

Do you have the game patapon?

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When did Patapon happen?

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When does patapon 1 come out?

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When was Patapon created?

Patapon was created on 2007-12-20.

How do you download patapon 2?

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