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You really should not attack a lvl9 npc as a level 10 has about the same losses and more resources. In doing so, I would send 1k transporters, 2k warriors, 2k workers, 1.5k scout, rest archers (93.5k). If you have a hero at lvl 70 or so, your losses should be about 7k archers and the other troops (minus transporters).

If you are attacking to take the city, replace transporters with archers. This wave will take out the troops, but you will want to have continuous waves following up every 30-45 seconds. These are called loyalty waves. The first loyalty wave should be large (maybe 40k archer/40k warrior) The rest of the loyalty waves should be about 20k archer/20k warrior mix. In order to have this kind of timing, you want to have your city about 1-2 miles away and be able to launch attacks with 9-10 heroes (Feasting Hall lvl 10).

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Q: How do you defeat a level 9 NPC on Evony with few losses?
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How do you defeat a NPC level 5 on Evony with archers with no losses?

450 ballista's, 400 transporters. Need 60+ attack to make sure no losses.

How to change the level of an npc on evony?

You cannot. You can wait for the flat to naturally elevate as the server cycles otherwise the NPC is based on the level of flat you obtain it as... Flat 1 = NPC 1 Flat level 10 = NPC 10 so on...

How do you become a General in Evony?

attacking high level NPC cities is the best way

What army do you need to conquer a level 5 NPC city in Evony?

550 ballistas

How do you beat a level 6 NPC on Evony Age 2?

800 ballistae,1200 transports

On the game Evony what happens when you abandon your city?

It turns to NPC of the same level of the flat you built it on.

How many troops are strong enaph to attack in evony?

depends on the level. 10k is good for a lv2 npc

Can you draft troops from a npc in evony?

No, you cannot

Has anyone ever tried to farm a level 10 NPC with Ballista in Evony?

No one will mostly do that because they will mostly loose prestige, and loose the attck, you can never take an npc 10 with ballistas.

How do you farm a Level 10 NPC on Evony Age 2?

Farming a Level 10NPC of Evony Age 2 can be determined through trial and error or through the use of what is commonly called a cheat code. Cheat codes are considered unethical.

What is the best way to take a level 8 npc in evony age 2?

Attack it with 100k archers then plunder with 5k archers and warriors

How do you get a Michelangelo's scripts on evony?

If you start NPC Lvl 5 Farming you might get on at about 0.1 percent of full NPC's