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This can be tricky. First you have too look away from the boo so it comes after you. When it is close to you, turn around and try to punch it. This will either work or you will get hit. If you get hit, run around and do the belly slide into it. If this does not work either try to avoid it or try the sequence over again

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Q: How do you defeat a boo on super Mario 64?
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How do you defeat the big boo in Mario 64 DS?

You defeat the boo by sneaking up on him by the back and hit him.

How do you defeat Big Boo in Super Mario 64 DS?

Run behind it and attack by punching or diving several times.

Can you play as a boo in super Mario 64?

Yes Mario can become a boo in the game super Mario galaxy. When you get a boo mushroom.

G boo's haunt in super Mario 64 DS?


How do you be Big Boo in Super Mario 64?

you cant unless you a a gameshark with the code

What is the cheat to play as boo for super Mario 64 ds?

No cheat exists.

How do you get the keys for super Mario Nintendo 64?

Defeat bowser

How do you defeat bosser in super Mario 64?

To beat bosser in super Mario 64 you run up to him grab his tail and throw him into a spike.

How do you play Boo on Super Mario 64 DS?

you can't, but if you have a action replay code, you can

On super Mario 64 ds how do you defeat big boo on big boo's balcony?

ITS HARD KINDA BUT I BEAT HIM RULES LISTEN : 1:get in the cage. 2:go in the tiny room. 3 : don't get by fire. 4:then attack

How do you beat big boo Super Mario 64 DS?

Punch him in the back 3 times.

How do you defeat king bomb in super Mario ds?

press a behind him 3 times. he will give you a star. this is in super Mario 64