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Well,I`m not the best to ask but The best way to beat grieger is to stop him from summoning flying fortress skyfire and Having traps that destroy monsters,like raigei and torrential tribute

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Q: How do you defeat Greiger in Yu-Gi-Oh Reverse of Arcadia?
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How do you get to zeman the ape king in Yugioh 5ds reverse of arcadia?

after you defeat greiger leave the area and then come back to where greiger was, there will be a box just north and you will find zeman the ape king

What packs have blackwing monsters in them on Yugioh 5ds reverse of arcadia?

It is the Deck pack called Return to Chaos unlocked after defeating story mode and talking to Crow on the upper side of the B.A.D. area then challenege both dark mists which includes all dark signers, defeat them and the deck will be unlocked and the rest of the blackwings will be there

Is Black Brutdrago in Yugioh Reverse of Arcadia and if so where can you get it?

Yes, it can be obtained in the Stardust Overdrive Booster Pack once you unlock it (to unlock the Booster Pack, talk to MC (New Domino City/Stadium Lobby) and go to the Stadium to defeat all Signer Shadows. [Your Life Points are not reset between each duel])

How do you get the genex pack in yu gi oh reverse of arcadia?

u have to defeat the following character 3 times each:Chiefheitmannhunterlazarrandsborgand sayer---Mr._Armstrong, Rudolph_Heitmann, Hunter_Pace, Lazar, Gill_Randsborg, Sayer

How to unlock The lost millennium pack in yu gi oh 5ds reverse of arcadia pack?

To unlock "The Lost Millenium", you must defeat each of the following Duelists 3 times each:AnnaGushizawaHashinoshimaHidekiIgusaMitchieOdaRossiRoySugimotoTorino

What is reverse of success?

the reverse of success is defeat because if there was no defeat there would be no success

Reverse of arcadia how do you unlock the Duelist Genesisi pack?

You must defeat these CPU inside story mode 3 times (or more) each; Eiki, Gate Mace, Key Mace, Key Mace #2, Zape.

Can Celebi defeat Dark magician girl?

No way cuz Pokemon are WEAKER than Yugioh.

How do you get the duelist genesis in reverse of arcadia?

Defeat the following duelists 3 times each: Eiki, Zape, Key Mace, Key Mace #2, Gate Mace (Gate Mace is actually hidden behind the tree in the very first section of the forest).

How do you get dragon pack in Yugioh gx duel academy gba?

you need to defeat Bastion 10 times

Can Luiga defeat Magician of Black Chaos?

NO! they would never battle. Lugia is Pokemon and Magician of Black Chaos is yugioh. Also Pokemon have attacks in the hundreds, and yugioh cards have attacks in the thousands.

Can you defeat the deathgaze on FFXII with reverse and a Phoenix down?