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once you reach the required level you click on the clan button at the top right and hit create clan.

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Q: How do you create a clan in combat arms?
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In combat arms can a clan leader invite someone into their clan?


How do you delete a clan on combat arms?

G0 To the clan settings and go Teminate Clan

How do you you delete a clan apProoval combat arms?

Go to Clan then go to Aplications then yeah

What is the clan id in combat arms?

clan id.: the name of clan wich people will need to put in to join!!

How do you leave a clan in combat arms?

go to clan options and select 'leave clan'. or just get an admin/leader to kick you.

How do you stop a pending clan request in combat arms?

you can't, you have to wait until the clan leader accepts or denies you

Where is the apply button to join a clan on combat arms?

Go to the clan tap and search for the clan that you want to join. You should find the button there.

How do you join a clan on combat arms?

click on clan at the top then click search then search for the leader id or clan name then find the clan you want then click join clan

How do you get a level 2 for clan in combat arms?

either apply to 1 or make 1 and clan war it to lvl 2

How do you apply for a clan in combat arms?

To apply for a clan you first have to be a rank of R or higher. then go to the clan section, look up watever clan you want, and press, APPLY. you will have to submit a little bit about your combat arms self. personally i would suggest to apply to the clan, death sniper. its the one that i am on and there is 19 members. one more and nobody can comeon. my username is Fallen Raziel.

Why can't I talk in clan chat in Combat Arms?

most likely because you are not in a clan. if you are then something else may be wrong or no one is responding

Why doesn't my combat arms clan page not work it always says server error?