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Creating a cingular wireless account is a simple thing to do. All that you need to do is to go to their website. They give you the option of signing up with them and choosing your plan.

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Q: How do you create a cingular wireless account?
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Does a cingular wireless discount apply to all elctronics?

No, a cingular wireless account discount does not apply to all accounts. There are usually special deals though that you can get for multiple lines on the same contract.

What does Cingular mean?

Cingular is the name of a mobile phone company. It is AT&T Mobility and was formerly called Cingular Wireless. They provide wireless service to subscribers.

what is a cingular wireless 8125?

The cingular wireless 8125 is a cell phone with a slide out qwerty keyboard. Use of this cellular device must be done through Cingular Wireless, which is a mobile phone service.

What does the term cingular wireless mean?

Cingular Wireless is not a term, rather, it is a company. They were the largest cellphone company in the United States, originally owned by BellSouth and SBC Communications, who acquired AT&T Wireless, and later, the original AT&T. They then became branded as AT&T, and then, Cingular Wireless became fully owned by AT&T.

What is the price of a cingular wireless phone?

A used LG CU500 Cingular wireless phone can be found for around thirty-five dollars. A Nokia 6010 wireless phone for Cingular can be found for about forty-five dollars.

What does a cingular wireless franchise cost?

how does yourcingular wireless franchise cost

What does your Cingular Wireless Warranty cover?

Sorry I mean ATT wireless

What are the benefits offered by Cingular Wireless?

The company Cingular Wireless is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T inc. that provides wireless services to around 107 million subscribers. The benefits offered by Cingular Wireless is a much faster connection between mobile phones than a regular one.

What company did Cingular cellular wireless become when it was bought out?

Cingular cellular wireless bought out AT&T in 2004. Cingular became AT&T and bought out the company for 41 billion dollars becoming, back then, the nations largest wireless mobile communications company.

What company used to be called Cingular?

Cingular Wireless LLC is the former name of AT&T Mobility LLC. The company is a subsidiary of AT&T Inc. The company was known as Cingular Wireless LLC from 200 to 2007

What is the phone number for Cingular Wireless' customer service department?

The phone number for Cingular Wireless customer service department is 1-888-9ATT-WEB. Through this, customers can get help from Cingular's department.

When did the cellular phone company Cingular Wireless LLC re-brand itself as ATandT?

Cingular Wireless (now known as AT&T) ran from 2000 to 2007. Cingular Wireless company got AT&T Wireless in 2006, but did not become re-branded officially as AT&T until January of 2007.