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you cant.

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Q: How do you craft a sword in minecraft pocket version demo?
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How do you craft a new weapon in minecraft pocket addition?

Go to the tools section on the crafting table and press the sword.

How do you craft a zanite sword in minecraft?

you must go to the aether by getting the aether mod mine some purple stuff and craft it like you craft a sword

How do you use the crafting table in minecraft pocket edition?

CRAFT: the more you craft the higher level crafter you become.

How do you craft an electro sword on Minecraft?

unless there is a mod for it it does not exist. (correct me if i am wrong but i dont think i am)

How do you make a bowie knife in mine craft?

You can't The only tools you can make are: - Axe - Shovel - Pickaxe - Fishing rod And the only weapons are: - Sword - Bow

What can you craft on minecraft with 52 iron ingots?

you can craft a pickaxe,sword,helmet,chest plate,boots,trousers,flint and steel,etc. More on

How do you craft a sword?

In Minecraft one stick "somewhere at the bottom of your crafting table" and two cobblestone,iron ingots,diamonds,gold ingots,etc above the stick make a sword.

How do you get the recipe for a sword or pickaxe on minecraft pocket edition?

One stick and two material(ex in weakest to strongest) wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond)

Is there a game where you get to create a sword?

yea minecraft

What are the weapons from vanilla mine craft in order?

stone sword, iron sword, gold sword, and diamond sword

How many hits can a gold sword take on Minecraft pocket edition?

Gold swords and tools last 33 uses (mob hits) so the answer is 33. However, if you use the sword for digging blocks it gets used twice as fast.

How on minecraft do you get the ender dragon as a pet on mine craft?

You don't - You kill it to get a portal so you can escape The End. (Take a good bow (Flame wont help) and a good sword + potions!)