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First up need to beat the game, then go to lily cove city and buy boards.

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Q: How do you cover up holes in your secret base in emerald?
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How do you cover the holes in your secret base in Pokemon Emereld?

you cant cover the holes in your secret base.

How do you cover up hole in your base in pokemon?

There are secret base items called solid boards that you can use to cover those pesky holes in secret bases.

How do you remove the black holes in Pokemon emerald secret base?

You cant remove them, but when Lilycove Department Store has a clear-out sale, (which will only happen after you beat the Pokemon league challenge) you can buy wooden boards, which you can cover the holes up with and then walk over them.

In Pokemon Emerald how do you get passed the dark spots in secret base?

You have to buy stiff boards from the lily cove departments store sale. its shown on the TVs but it is rare. they will cover the holes and let you walk into those areas.

How do you fight people in your secret base in emerald?

You cannot fight people in your secret base.

In Pokemon Emerald where do you buy a TV for secret base?

Unfortunately there is no TV in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald for a secret base. Many people worldwide will be upset. :(

Where can you put your poster in Pokemon Emerald?

In your secret base.

In emerald can you buy a tv for your secret base?


What is a secret base in Pokemon?

on sapphire/emerald this one boy gives you the move secret power. use it to make a secret base!

Pokemon emerald how to fix the hole in the secret base?

I think you should learn your pokemon strength and use it against the holes. I just think that,because alot of people say that.

What can you do with secret power in emerald?

to make a secret base in certain trees bushes or indents in rock

When can you create a secret base in emerald version?

Loose trees, dents in rocks, and piles of grass are where you can build secret bases in Pokemon Emerald Version.