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Q: In emerald can you buy a tv for your secret base?
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In Pokemon Emerald where do you buy a TV for secret base?

Unfortunately there is no TV in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald for a secret base. Many people worldwide will be upset. :(

In Pokemon Emerald how do you get passed the dark spots in secret base?

You have to buy stiff boards from the lily cove departments store sale. its shown on the TVs but it is rare. they will cover the holes and let you walk into those areas.

How can you get a tv decoration for your secret base in Pokemon ruby sapphire or emerald?

All decorations can be found in stores throughout the game, you just have to find the correct store.

What can you get by mixing records between Emerald and Ruby?

Your friend's secret base and whoever's secret base that you friend managed to get and some stories about your friends on the TV. Chances of some outbreaks of pokemon, Lilycove Department Store Clear-Out Sale (if defeated elite four) and/or Pokeblock Master (if defeated elite four) on the TV increased.

How do you get the clear-out sale in emerald?

Wait a few days and in the game watch tv until it mentions the lilycove dept store is having a clearance sale, go there and go upstairs to the last floor and talk to the lady up there she will sell you rare decorations for your secret base.

How do you buy a tv on Club Penguin?

Many times when you buy an item out of the better igloos catalog its a secret item on an object

Just beat sapphire should you buy fire red or emerald?

You should buy Emerald because Emerald is a very great game. You are able to get Groudon,Kyogre, Rayquaza, Latios, and Latias!. But to get Latios and Latias, you have to beat the Elite Four. Then you appear in your room. Go downstairs and your mom is watching tv. Watch the tv. Your mom will ask, " What color did he say the Pokemon was? ". If you say Blue, you get Latios. If you say red, you get latias.Emerald is a very fun game and you should buy it. If you do, have fun and have happy catching!

Where do you buy TV and beds for your base in Pokemon sapphire?

I believe it is in fortree city...

Where to buy solid boards in Pokemon sapphire?

Wait until the TV says there is a clearance sale at the lilycove dept store go there when the sale is happening go to the roof of the store and talk to the girl there she will let you buy cool stuff for your secret base like solid boards, a slide, a rhydon doll and a stand and more!

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