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there is only one way to contact the creater of Pokemon games by just going to

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Q: How do you contact gamefreak the Pokemon creator?
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Who is the director of the Pokemon?

if you mean creator its gamefreak but otherwise i dont know

Who invented Pokemon Pearl?

gamefreak did

What is the company Pokemon is working with?


How do you get in contact with Zel who is the creator of Pokemon Shiny Gold?


How do you apply to be on Pokemon?

Apply to work at gamefreak, the people who make Pokemon games.

Where can you contact GameFreak and ask for job?

i have tried for sometime too maybe try the gamefreak website and what's the gamefreak website? any link? The link is

Is Satoshi Tajiri wealthy?

he is the creator of pokemon, and Gamefreak. from what i hear his net worth is a couple billion. He is not wealthy he is RICH! More specifically, his net worth is $5.1 billion. Yes, he is extremely wealthy.

What city is zorua in Pokemon white?

in castella city at the gamefreak

Who made this Pokemon game?

GAMEFREAK, Nintendo and the The Pokémon Company

Who is the parent company of Pokemon?

Gamefreak and Creatures INC and Nintendo.

Who created Pokemon Black and White?

As in the big company, Gamefreak, A.K.A Pokemon company.

Why don't they make a Pokemon game for Xbox360?

because Microsoft does not own the rights to Pokemon gamefreak does