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Just hook up the microphone's plug into the the back of the Wii and on the World Tour game select vocals.

You have to have a separate Wii remote for each instrument... It's annoying because this information isn't written in the instructions.

The microphone plugs into the USB port at the top of the back of the console. The unfortunate part is that you need a controller to assign the microphone. That means if you only have 2 controllers, you can only use 2 of the instruments. I sort of see why (so you can assign the characters, etc.), but that shouldn't have been a limitation to use the microphone.

You can get any wired microphone like the one from rock band and plug it in in the back of the wii and rock on nub!!!

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Q: How do you connect the Guitar Hero microphone to a Wii?
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How do you connect the microphone to Wii for Guitar Hero?

you need a wii remote for the mic just like the guitar, drums and bass.

What instruments come with Guitar Hero for the WII?

you can get a guitar, bass (same controller as the guitar), Microphone and a drumkit. But you can only use the microphone and drumkit on guitar hero 4 onwards. but unfortunately you have to have a wii remote to be able to control any of these.

Do you need a wii remote for the microphone in guitar hero world tour on wii?


How do you use star power on the microphone in band here?

how does the microphone on the wii guitar hero work

Do you need a guitar hero ds game to connect to the wii?

No. Just select "DS Download Play" and connect to your Guitar Hero game on the Wii.

Do you need special controllers for band hero wii?

Yes, you need a guitar hero wireless control, or a guitar hero USB microphone, or guitar hero drumset. You cannot play with the wii remote alone.

Can you use band hero Wii on Guitar Hero Wii?

yes u can use it but its better to use it with drums and microphone

How do you use the microphone in the guitar hero world tour wii?

You have to have a controler on and plug the mic in to the wii.

How much will guitar hero 4 cost on wii without the drums guitar and microphone?


Can Guitar Hero III for Wii connect to a Guitar Hero game for the DS?

no. not so far

Where do you plug the microphone in for wii Guitar Hero?

in the back of your wiii where it says sync

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