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Well i can't tell you a walk-through but this is a really good cheat!
  1. Go onto the worlds hardest game
  2. Click on begin and then click on play game, and then click on play game again but DON'T do anything else!
  3. Now you should be on the first level, Right click, then click on settings
  4. Now click on the microphone in the little box
  5. Right click where the scroll button is that is next to "Microphone" or "Stereo Mix"
  6. Then click on play
  7. It should be going threw all the levels
  8. When it stops's (at the page where it Say's "You have have finished the worlds hardest game!"...) press the close button
  9. It WILL say that you have had no deaths!
  10. If you want to you can then put your name!

That's it!

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Q: How do you complete the worlds hardest game?
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