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i have played worlds hardest game so many times and i dont think you can save your game

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Q: How can we save progress in The World's Hardest Game?
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Can you save your progress on Minecraft WE?

I used to have this App and yes you can save worlds by tapping the menu then save.

Can you save a game of zombies on black ops?

You cannot save your progress in a Zombies game.

How do you save progress on call of mini zombie free?

You have to buy the full 1 dollar game to save your progress

How do you save your progress in Yoshi's Island Super Mario Advance 3?

Pause the game and select either "Save and continue" to save your progress and keep playing or "Save and quit" to save your progress and stop playing.

How do you save disgaea 3 game?

Press the triangle button and click on save to save the current progress of your game.

How do you save your game in challenge on super Mario sluggers?

pause the game and then click save progress

Do computer games save on the computer or disk?

When you save your video game progress it will save on the computers hard drive, the same goes with game consoles the progress will always save on the console itself, not the disk.

Does the bot quest worlds save the progress?

it saves it when you log out so yah. i just want to know how to keep bot quest worlds from loging me out

How do you save progress on paper Mario?

There are blocks with the the letter "S" printed on them. They are seen throughout the game. Go under them and hit the "A" button on your controller and Mario will jump, hitting the block. You will be asked if you want to save your progress. Select "Yes" and the game will save your progress.

Can you save your progress on the 64 paper Mario game on the wii?

Only at save blocks.

How do you save on goodgame empire?

The game saves your progress automatically.

What is the hardest Zelda game?

I say the hardest Zelda game is the second one because you cont save at all the game is called Zelda 2 the adventure of link.Twilight Princess