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Just never give up ;) You'll get there eventually!

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Q: How do you complete the slider game in wajas?
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Is there a game like wajas?

Mweor, pocket puma pets, and dragon empire off the top of my head.

When will Wajas be back and open to public?

Wajas is in fact open to the public... They have a new URL: Icestar_ Wajas is now open on its old server,!

What are free wolf breeding games online?

One is called Wajas it is like a wolf/dog breeding sim game

How do you get money for wajas?

You mostly play games, but you can also earn wc by selling wajas or selling art (on the forum).

Do wajas die?

I doubt that

Any free wolf breeding games?

Wajas is a free wolf breeding game with lots of different types of wolves! ^^

What is a knight slider?

Knight slider is a game where you have to move pieces that are blocking the knight's way to the exit for the night to be able to get to the exit

Which singer listed below is not from Australia?

Sheena Easton, and posting Wajas trivia is only against the rules of Wajas, not other sites.

What does mu mean in wajas?


What age should you throw a slider?

15 after the majority of your arms growth is complete

What is a stick on

a stick on wajas is an object that looks like a stick but if equipped your wajas will look like it was still in one of the drawing stages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What day is the lottery pulled on wajas?