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first you put on black then hat, then yellow, then rotate, then hat, then repeat

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2010-03-21 17:52:25
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Q: How do you complete level 20 on factory balls 2?
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How do you complete level 20 in Factory Balls?

There is no level 20 in factory balls (unless you are talking about factory balls number 1, 2 or 3)!

How do you catch a level 20 Pokemon?

i catch them with poke'balls,ultra balls,time balls,premeir balls,all kinds,but that's me....................

How do you beat level 20 on Tarzan ball?

To beat Tarzan Balls Level 20, just try too get all of the balls into one of the holes. The way I beat it was to start with the two balls on the outside. Once I got those two in I did the next balls on the outside. When you only have two balls left it doesn't really matter which ball you try for first.

Can you complete level 21 on orb 2?

It is not a playable level. Level 20 is impractically difficult but can be beaten.

How many balls are in level 14 of me and the key 2?

there are about 20 orange balls to get in level 14 of me and the key 2 but you cant always be sure there might be more on how many times you lose

What is the answer to Factory Balls2 on level 20?

level 20 is black, helmet, yellow, halmet off, rotate x3, helmet, yellow, helmet off, rotate

How do you complete level 20 on door for the iPod touch?

you spew in a bowl

How do you complete level 20 on IQ ball?

I have no idea! I'm stuck too!

What level do you get lifeblade on wizard101?

When you complete the main task for Krokosphinx in Krokotopia, that should be around level 20-25.

What level do you have to be to get to vigrid roughland in wizard 101?

You can be level 10-20, you can be level 80-90, though you must complete Savaarstad Pass

There's a bag containing 16 red balls and 20 blue balls what's the ratio of blue balls the total of balls?


How do you beat level 20 on factory balls 4?

Do this in this order exactly. Dip in red, use left cover, use bottom glasses, dip in yellow, and take everything off. Next you use the right cover, put on the top glasses, and dip in yellow. Take everything off and move on to level 21.

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