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When the Ash Guy (Huff Puff ) (Haha) gives you the bag you are automaticly using it. Just walk through all the Ash you want. If all the Ash there is not enough to buy a Flute or furniture then go to a city and then go back and all the ash will be there again and you can start collecting it again. Keep doing that until you have enough Ash to buy what you want.

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Q: How do you collect ashes in Pokemon emerald?
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Where do you get TM 28 on Pokemon emerald?

You get it from that digger guy's son in that town with the ashes. Go Pokemon! -Pokemaster95

Can you collect all Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald Version?

you have to trade with you friend to get all

How do you collect ashes in Pokemon ruby?

By walking through the ash covered grass.

How can one get a Pokemon Emerald?

A pokemon emerald is considered one of the more difficult cards to collect in pokemon and is sometimes available on ebay or other cards trading sites.

Where is the red tent in pokemon emerald?

collect soot using soot sack and exchanges for it

What will happen when you collect all the symbols for the battle frontier in Pokemon emerald?

Your Trainer Card will change color.

Which Pokemon Know Dig on Pokemon Emerald?

You can give specific Pokemon TM28 Dig that you get from that town with all those ashes, and I know Nincada learns it naturally if you don't evolve it (I think it learns it Level 45).

Which is better pokemon sapphire or emerald?

Better is pokemon can catch more pokemon-you can catch kyogre and groudon-you can battle with the frontier brains and collect the seven symbols in battle frontier

Where is the emerald in pkemon emerald?

its not an emerald its RAYQUAZA the main legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald.

How do you get yanma in emerald?

You cannot get a Yanma in Pokemon Emerald, as only Hoenn Region Pokemon can be found in Pokemon Emerald.

How do see the hole pokedex in emerald?

Collect all information and Pokemon Find a video or on Youtube Fine someone who has it Use a Cheating Device

How do you get fire stone and thunder stone in Pokemon emerald?

Collect yellow and red shards and take them to the treasure hunter just to the west of mossdeep.