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You can give specific Pokemon TM28 Dig that you get from that town with all those ashes, and I know Nincada learns it naturally if you don't evolve it (I think it learns it Level 45).

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Q: Which Pokemon Know Dig on Pokemon Emerald?
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In Pokemon emerald what Pokemon know dig?

diglett, rayquaza, and most ground type Pokemon

How do you get another dig if got rid of it on Pokemon emerald?

As far as I know the only way to get another dig is to trade for a Pokemon that is holding the TM dig or to get it from another version

Where is a Pokemon with dig in emerald?

i want a Pokemon with dig for open the cove of the regis

Can you get dig twice in Pokemon Emerald?


How do you get another dig in Pokemon Emerald?

IDk. BUT what I know you can do is if u have pokemon hg\ss, u go 2 celadon store, go to room 4, and get dig.

Which Pokemon knows dig on Pokemon emerald?

Dig is a TM, and you can teach it to most ground types.

Can you teach dig to a Pokemon in emerald that has forgoten it?

Yes, you can teach a Pokemon the move dig after it has forgotten it.

What Pokemon on emerald learns dig?

u can teach vulpix dig.

What Pokemon comes with the move dig in Pokemon emerald?


Which town in the Pokemon mart is dig in Pokemon emerald?

None of them.

Can you buy the TM dig in Pokemon Emerald?


How many dig are there in Pokemon emerald?