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The only way to clone a Pokemon so far is to use the action replay code:

Hold [L] While Switching to Clone PKMN The first choice you choose will be the PKMN you clone! require screen refresh

1207484C 0000231D 94000130 FDFF0000 1207484C 0000E008 D2000000 00000000

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I've been told that there is NO cloning method in HG or SS. You would likely need an action replay to do anything like that.

...Cheater. ;P

Or, you can put the Pokemon in the daycare, with either a Pokemon of the opposite gender or a ditto.

However, there are certain Pokemon that you cannot breed no you have to clone the LEGENDARYS MUHAHAHAHA and i know how :) ask what is the clone code in Pokemon heartgold and there will be the answer.
Action Replay.

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you can't

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Q: How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?
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POkemon platinum how to clone items?

Cant you can only on Pokemon heartgold search for how do you clone items in Pokemon heartgold and my answer will be there

How do you clone Pokemon on heartgold with only a ds and heartgold game?

You need to mate the Pokemon with a Ditto.

Is there a Clone Pokemon Code For Eu for HeartGold?

nope :( sry

How do you copy legendary Pokemon in HeartGold?

If you mean clone then your gunna need a AR

How do you clone Pokemon on ss and hg?

You may only clone Pokemon in Emerald, but you may own as may of the same Pokemon as you can (bearing storage space in mind). Therefore, you cannot clone Pokemon on "Pokemon Heartgold" (HG) or "Pokemon Soul Silver" (SS).

How do you copy items in Pokemon HeartGold?

You have a Pokemon hold them and then clone the Pokemon. (Put the Pokemon in the PokeWalker and turn the DS off before it saves)

In the Arceus event in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver if you clone Arceus will the event still work?

Yes, Arceus could be a clone of a clone of a clone and still work. However the in-game event only can take place once.

How do you get a clone in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can go to Pokemon daycare with a male and female Pokemon and they will lay eggs of the same type of Pokemon but ditto can be either male or female it does not have one certain gender.

Can you get two Ho-oh's in HeartGold?

You can use Action Replay (it's easier to use an emulator I guess) to clone your pokemon. You can probably do it with anyone.

Pokemon HeartGold action replay code duplicate Pokemon?

Clone Pokemon (Hold R) >This is Jaoan but I can' find the USA code.< 120742E4 0000231D 94000130 FEFF0000 120742E4 0000E008 D2000000 00000000

Can you clone a shiny Pokemon?

no you can not clone a shiny Pokemon

What is the best Pokemon you can get on Pokemon HeartGold?

There is no best Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold.