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You can either change your gender when you start a new game or search up the action replay code for gender change. hope you have an action replay

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Q: How do you change your gender in Pokemon platinum?
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Pokemon Platinum action replay codes change pokemon's gender?

You can modify your Pokemon's gender (and everything else) by using the PokeSav program.

What is the code for gender change on Pokemon platinum?

On Pearl, it is 7547322098201, and on Diamond it is 7547322098210, and on Platinum it is 7547322098241. Hope this helps! -Cheat Master! Oh Yeah!

Can you change your clothes in Pokemon Platinum?

No you can't change your clothes in Pokemon Platinum.

Is there a platinum code to change your Pokémon's gender?


Why did your character change gender in Pokemon fire red?

Moi? Non, non, MY Pokemon character did not change genders. Your game, however, may have a glitch. P.S. Does anybody know how to change trainer genders on Platinum? I have the code, but...

What Pokemon can fall in love with Infernape on Pokemon platinum?

Any Pokemon can if it is the opposite gender than your Infernape.

What is the Ar code for gender change platinum?


How do you get your Pokemon to breed on Pokemon Platinum?

find a ditto. it can breed with any gender of kind of Pokemon except legendary.

Can you change the gender of a Pokemon?


On Pokemon platinum why do you only find one gender of Pokemon?

you don't find 1 gender there r 2 girl,and boysometimes, you are more likely to get the same gender Pokemon as you are. if you notice, most of the com. players have the same gender Pokemon as themselfs, unless they have a 1 gender Pokemon like mothim or wordam.

How do you change the OT in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot change an OT name in Pokémon Platinum.

How do you hatch girl Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

You must walk a number of steps in order to hatch it. The gender is random.