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First go to your profile with your avatar and select Customize Avatar, it's one of the options on the right. If you don't have Xbox Live then select Profile, then edit profile, then gamer picture.

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Q: How do you change your gamer pic on the Xbox?
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How do you make a computer pic you xbox 360 gamer pic?

You can onlly have a gamer pic though dlc or by using a Xbox Camera.

Why is it that on Xbox 360 when you change your gamer pic it shows for you that you did but for friends and yourself when you look on Xboxcom it is still the default picture?


How do you get different gamer pictures for your gamer card?

Well i think you can get them of xbox live and if you beat mass effect on insanity or hardcore you get one but i dont know if you have mass effect or if you have the halo 3 collectors or legendary it comes with a few actually mass effect is a shooter rpg that has two difficulties to unlock, hardcore, and insane. beat them and you will get a n7 gamer pic and a saren gamer pic. Xbox live will let you download some too.

Can you change your Xbox gamer tag on your phone?

no i have alredy tried it

How many file complaints do you need to change your gamer tag on Xbox live could you please file a complaint to my gamer tag my gamer tag is seanokeeffe thanks?


What if you dont have xbox live how do i unlock gamer pictures?

Some games allow you to unlock gamer pictures. But to download gamer pictures, you will need Xbox live.

How CAN I get my gamer id for Call of Duty?

You have to have Xbox Live if you have an Xbox

The Xbox Live identity is also known as?

Gamer tag Gamer tag

When you create your Xbox live account is it possible to combine gamers scores from a previus gamer tag that wasent on Xbox live?

Yes but only if you make your XBox Live account over the Xbox Gamer Tag(non-Live). Basically, You are just converting that gamer tag from XBox(non-Live) to Xbox Live.

Why can't I change my bio on the xbox 360?

Go to the Xbox website and sign in. Then go to profile settings. Next, at the bottom it will say bio so type what you want then click to save. If your parents set up your Xbox they might have turned on parent settings so that you can't have a bio. If that happens go to your friends house who has a xbox 360 recover your gtag and then sign in to your account and go to cancel setting. It will say change name, profile, pic and then bio. Change your bio to whatever then go on your laptop. It will ask you under change gamer pic to change bio. I know that's a lot but it is worth it to get a cool bio. If you parents set the controls so you couldn't set up a bio, then it was for a good reason. You should get your parents' permission before changing the bio if the control was set.

How do you change to underground on xbox live?

Press the Xbox Button in the centre of the controller, flick across to settings, Then click on profile, then edit profile, and after that click on gamer zone :)

What is Selena gomez gamer tag for the xbox360?

What is Selena Gomez gamer tag for xbox 360