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Ok, if you want to change your class on AQ, like to a mage, go to Warlic and click "class quests"

And for armor, you can find it almost in any shop. :) Hope this helps.. - External, helper of AE games, and Roblox.

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Q: How do you change your class on adventure quest?
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How do you change class in adventure quest?

just wear a diffrent class

Can you change your class in Adventure quest?

Yes just train in a different class.

What armour can you change the colour of on adventure quest worlds?

evolved shaman class

How do you change you adventure quest worlds person to a healer?

you buy the healer class

How do you get defender's class in adventure quest worlds?

You Must Have Upgrade Adventure Quest

How do you get no class in adventure quest?

I don't think it is possible to get "no class" anymore.

Where can you get the vindicator class in adventure quest worlds?

from collection

Will there be evolved class armors in Adventure quest?


Where do you get the necromancer class in adventure quest worlds?

in title

Where do i get scholar class in adventure quest?

thanks for your feedback

Where can you get Yokai Class in adventure quest worlds?

no such thing!

How do you get palidan class on AQWorlds?

well if you want to get padlin class on aqworlds then firts you have to be a member on adventure quest, then click confirm padlin class on the homepage,type in your adventure quest account, and then go to the castle and bu the padlin class.