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You can set this just before you type in your usename and that to log in, there should be a settings menu.

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Q: How do you change your RuneScape graphic settings?
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How do you change your information on RuneScape?

Runescape Homepage > Cursor over Account > Account Settings > browse what you want to change.

How do you change the audio settings on RuneScape?

click on the wrench and there you can change the volume, if you want to change the music click on the harp.

How do you put HD on Runescape?

On the lower right hand of your Runescape screen, you should see a series of icons. Open your settings icon, and then click "graphic options," which will look like a computer monitor. A graphic options screen will open, and towards the top you will see three different options, each look like a computer monitor. The one to the farthest right is HD.

Runescape will change in jule?

July and yes right now if you are a member you can play the members bata that has way better graphic and full screen mode

When will RuneScape's graphic updates occur?

The beta version of runescape high detail was released on 1 July 2008.

When is the next graphic update for runescape?

one was just released, but the next proper graphic update, will probably be when RuneTek 6 is released. [RuneTek is the games graphic engine].

What is a 508 RuneScape private server?

A 508 is a type of version of runescape kind of like runescape 317 or runescape classic both are very old versions 508 is like a graphic with HD in it or fullscreen.

Can you turn off blood and gore and language in mw3 on the ps3?

There is a Graphic Content option that is asked right when you first start the game. after that point you can change it from settings.

How do you change your stats on RuneScape?

to change your stats on runescape all you have to do is level up.

How do you change your clan's name on Runescape?

Visit the scribe and get 4 other founders. You'll have a registered clan, and you will also be able to name it. For friends chat, change the chat name under clan settings.

Where you can give ID number in runescape when your acc is blocked?

Account settings

Where do you make recovery questions in RuneScape?

It's under the "Account Settings" Menu.