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You can only do it on a japenese account, go on YouTube and it will show you.

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Q: How do you change you psn account name?
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How do you change your multplayer name on MW2?

you can not do that unless you get a new psn account

Is it possible to change your PlayStation Network name?

You can not change your name and can only add a new name or start a new account

How do you change your psn account id?

im not sure but you might be able to pay to change you name:^)

Can you change the birth date for a PSN account?

No, this is not possible

How do you create a master account on psn?

Its pretty much the same as a normal psn account. First is you go to Where you'll see the PlayStation network sign, click it. After that press some other stuff and write your address and all that then make an acount name (NOTE* You can not change your online ID so make sure your ok with with name u have because u can not change it). After you press ok CONGRAGULATION U HAVE A PSN ACCOUNT.

How do you change your PSN sub account to a master account?

This is, unfortunately, impossible. All you can do is start a new account.

How do you change psn id?

You can't but you can always make a new account

How do you change psn name?

You can't

Can you change your psn name?

YoU can't

Can you disconnect your PSN account from other PS3 that are not mine?

If you change your password to your PSN account no one else should be able to log into your account on any PS3. You can not remove data from another Playstation 3

My big brother and i share the same ps3 and he created the psn account but refuses to give me the passwordwhat should i do can i hack it or something and the psn password stealer doesn't work?

Just make your own user account on your brother's PS3 and then make your own PSN ID name and whenever you log into YOUR user account, your PSN name/ID will be logged in also. This way you can have your own password, data, etc. without having to use your brother's PSN account.

Does a American psn card work on a psn Japanese account?

No, a Japanese PSN account can only be funded with a Japanese PSN card, one with a yen amount on it.