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Sorry, the only way to change username is to make new account.

Maybe that feature will be added, who knows?

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Q: How do you change username in minecraft?
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How do you change username for Minecraft?

Unfortunately, you can not change your name on Minecraft!

How do you change your Minecraft username?

you cant gg

What do you do when someone steals your username on Minecraft multipleyer?

report them to an official of minecraft and change your password

Will you ever be able to change your minecraft username?

yes i believe there is a way

What is notch's Minecraft username?

'Notch' is Minecraft developer Markus Persson's Minecraft username.

Do you chose your Minecraft username when buying Minecraft on mojang?

Yes, but choosing your minecraft username is the last step.

What is your Minecraft username in pocket edition?

you cant have a minecraft pocket edition username

What is herobrines username in Minecraft?

There is a Minecraft player with the username Herobrine but they have not been noticeably active.

How do you sign in for Minecraft launcher?

when you open minecraft you enter your username and password in the username and password box. you hvae to register on the minecraft website

Can you change your minecraft username?

Correction: You can now change your username! Go to, login, go to 'Games' and click the 'Edit' link next to your current name.Currently there is no way to change your user name, besides buying another account. You can email mojang tech support and they might change it, but it's doubtful.

How do you remove minecraft forge in the new minecraft launcher?

If you've created a new profile for Forge, all you need to do is change to your username in the dropdown list.

How do you change your Minecraft username 1.7.2?

you cant yet but you CAN wait until 1.8 or 1.9 they might add it then...