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just press o with a smash ball

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Q: How do you change naruto into the nine tails fox in super smash flash 2 online demo?
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How do you get Naruto on Super Smash Bros. flash game?

To unlock Naruto in Super Smash Flash complete adventure mode with the original 13 characters.

Can you change controls in super smash flash?

you change controls on super smash flash with awsd

Is Naruto is in Super Smash Flash?

He is in super smash flash 1 and 2. You unlock him by clearing Adventure with the original 13 characters.

Is there a fighting flash game with both of of the characters Naruto and sonic?

Super smash flash 2

Can you change goku to super saiyan online on Super Smash Flash 2 demo?


How does naruto teleport in Super Smash Flash 2?

he doesnt

How can you unlock naruto in Super Smash Flash?

clear adventure at 13 characters

How do you unlock sasuke on Super Smash Flash 2?

beat naruto with every character

How do you unlock Naruto in Super Smash Flash?

beat all characters 10 times

How can you play Super Smash Bros. online?

You can't, but there is a game like Smash Bros., Super Smash Flash.

Is Super Smash Flash a ds game?

No, it is a online game

Will Super Smash Flash 2 be awesome?

With 45 characters like Mario,Luigi,DK,and Naruto OF COURSE IT WILL BE AWSOME!!!!!! Stupid answer luigi may or may not be in super smash flash 2