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Q: How do you change language on Simpsons game psp?
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How do The Simpsons Game and Star Wars The Force Unleashed for PSP compare?

starwars by far simpsons game is a let down

Where is the Simpsons game better on the wii or PSP?

If your lazy PSP because your arms get tiered on wii. The game is harder on wii. You have convenience of playing on the PSP whenever you want. So PSP.

How do you get past the aliens on the simpsons game on psp?

look up cheats

Do they have the simsons hit and run for psp?

no not at all only the simpsons game

How do you get to Italy in the 3rd level of the simpsons game on PSP?

i am sorry i don't know i have the same props

What are Simpson game psp cheats?

The Simpsons Game on the PSP is based on the popular TV series. A cheat for unlimited life for all characters is left, right, triangle, L, R, right.

Is there a game about The Simpsons?

Okay, here goes, There are games that feature The Simpsons on every one of the game platforms. Even on the very first game boy, the black and white version, has a game called escape the camp. On PlayStation 1 there is Simpsons Wrestling, on PS2 there is Simpsons Skateboarding, Simpsons Hit and Run and Simpsons Roadrage. On Gameboy Advance, there is Simpsons Roadrage. But the newest game is called The Simpsons Game. You can get it on the PS3, the PS2, the Wii, the Xbox, the Nintendo DS, the PSP, and even the Game Boy Advance Hope This Helps, Simpson Freak The Simpsons Game does not come on GBA, I mean what's the point when it's already out on Nintendo DS

How do you get past the Dance Dance revelation with God on the simpsons game on PSP?

just keep hitting the notes with your feet

What happens when you collect all the cliches in the simpsons game psp?

nothing you just get to see them all in your extras option

How do you beat the simpsons game on psp?

U collect all the flags! (I think they are flags...)

Where can one play The Simpsons game?

There have been over a dozen video games released featuring The Simpsons, but two of the more popular ones are 'The SImpsons Game' and another game simply called 'The Simpsons'. 'The Simpsons Game' was released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, and PSP. 'The Simpsons' was released as an arcade game in 1991 and is available to play today on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3's online download services.

How do you change the language setting on psp?

in the settings menu...