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i think you go on your menu button and then it should on one of the pages say the name of you boutique now and a pencil beside it tap that and that's it

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Q: How do you change boutique name in style boutique?
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What is your boutique name on style savvy?

My boutiqe name is Style 101 : )

Do style boutique and style savvy have the same storyline?

I believe style boutique is just another name for style savvy, because there is no style boutique. Why would Nintendo make two of the same game?

When was Sophias Style Boutique created?

Sophias Style Boutique was created in 2006.

Are style boutique and style savvy the same thing?

Style boutique is used in the U.K., and style savvy is used in the U.S.

What should I name your online boutique?

my style is a cross between punkish and bright. but i have to have a cool name that will appeal to everyone.

Is they a style boutique 2?

yes there is

How do you get Dominic to date you on Style Boutique?

You can't

What products are offerd by a style boutique?

A style boutique stocks the latest trends in fashion, generally aimed at women but sometimes including menswear and even children's items.There are online websites that also have an edited collection of the latest fashions such as Original Style Boutique.

How do you get 1000 customers on style boutique?

It is easy to get 1000 customers on style boutique. All you have to do is keep on working in your boutique until Renee says to you that "our next customer will be our 1000th!". She will give comments like this throughout the game, for example "our next customer will be our 300th!". Even when your boutique has gained five star rating and you have completed the International Contest, you should still keep playing because there is still so much more to do. The magazines change every month and new styles of clothes come and go with each season. Also there are always new customers if you change the interior of you boutique. And you will ask "how do you know so much?" and the answer is: because I have done it myself. I am a keen style boutique player and know a lot about the ds game.

Is style boutique a good game?

Style boutique is a good game, that's my opinion, you can buy stuff go in catwalks and sell clothes at your own shop!

What is boutique products?

The boutique products are fashionable dresses, footwears, hair style accessories, makeup item etc.

Where are some close boutique clothing stores in the raleigh,nc area?

The Raleigh, North Carolina area has several boutique clothing stores that you can visit if you are looking to change your style. Check out this websites to get started: