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Click the portrait of the sim you want to play that is located on the left side of the screen. You also can hit the spacebar and go through the sims until you land on the one who want.

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Q: How do you change back to your sim in The Sims 2?
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How do you change an adult Sim back to a teenager on Sims 2?

You can't '

On The Sims 2 how do you change back to your sim?

There are boxes to the left with you sims' portrait.Click on the one you want to use.

How do you change the sex of your sim on the Sims 2?

its impossible

I'd like to change the create-a-sim room background like I could in sims 2. How do you change the create-a-sim background on sims 3?

You will need a mod.

How can you get your sim to come back from the abduction of aliens on sims 2?

You just wait about 5 Sim hours and they will come back!

Can you bring back a dead non controllable sim?

For the sims 2, yes.

How can you make youself a sim in The Sims 2?

Yes you can make yourself a sim in the sims 2.

How do you turn an alien sim back into normal in The Sims 2 PC game?

You can't turn an alien sim back to normal in the sims 2 for the pc. They really aren't different from regular sims except for that they have green skin and maybe even black eyes.

Is there any other sims game for wii?

there is my sims kingdom, My sims, Sims party, sims 3, sims 2 castaway, sim animals, sim 2 pets, sim animals africa and that is all i could find

In what Sims game for the PSP can your sim get Pregnant?

You can get your sim pregnant in Sims 2 Apartment Life and Sims 2 Double Deluxe.

What are some Sim's sites?

Mod the sim TSR The sims Liana sims 2

If your abducted by aliens and have a baby how long does it take for the baby to arrive on sims 2 for ps2?

# You cant have baby's on the Sim's 2 for PlayStation 2, but on the Sim's 2 for PC you will. ---- When your Sim comes back on PlayStation 2 He/She will run to a bathroom to vomit. ---- Your Sim's always come back, and Get Pregnant. ----