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Assuming you mean subscription auto-renewal, the option only applies to subscriptions made through credit cards; you cannot auto-renew pre-paid cards (red/Green Cards) bought from retail stores.

To change renewal settings, head to the membership page and login. From there, select 'Billing Home' and view active subscriptions if my memory serves me correctly. :)

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Q: How do you change auto renewal on runescape?
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Go to your web browser and open the official site link activateClick on “Login” button and enter your credentials to sign in to your McAfee accountNow, you are prompted to go to your account and click on “My Account”Locate the Auto-Renewal settings option and tap on it to customize the settings to your accountClick on the tab that says “Disabled” if the Auto-Renewal Settings is set-off. It will turn on the settingsOnce you click the button, it will change into “Enabled” that will appear next to the Auto-Renewal settingsClick on “Save” to apply the settings to your product

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