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I don't think you can.

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Q: How do you change Rotoms form in mystery dungeon?
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How do you get into silph co in heartgold?

You need a rotom then you can get to the next floor where you can change rotoms form and to get rotom you have to trade from diamond pearl platinum

How do you get on a different floor in silph co on Pokemon soul silver?

You must bring a Rotom. if you do, you can go up the elevator to a room that has the items to change rotoms form. As far as I know, there are no more floors than those.

What level does sky form Shaymin on Pokemon mystery dungeon sky tower learn seed flare?

i think it already has the move when you encounter it. you see it at level 50. correct me if i am wrong

How do you enter Silph Company in soul silver?

You must have a rotom from Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum and have it as the first Pokemon in you party. Then take it to the lift and rotom will let you use the lift. After the lift has stoped you should be able to change rotoms form

What is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky is the third game in the Mystery Dungeon: Explorers series. It seems to be much like what Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum is to the other Pokemon RPGs in the Pokemon franchise. Explorers of the Sky is said to involve the next chapter of what happened to Grovyle and may invole the legendary Shaymin and Giratina (the title itself loosely references the movie in which Shaymin and Giratina appeared with a new form). Apparently, Explorers of the Sky will also feature the ability to play as some of the guild members - an opportunity to play as another Pokemon besides your starter which was previously unheard of.

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How do you get the secret key to change Rotoms form?

You get a wifi event and use mystery gift to get it. Then you go to furogo inorworks and use the key

You have the the wonder gift what do you do with it?

Change Rotoms form

Do you change Rotoms form on Pokemon pearl?

no not at all

How do you change Rotoms form in pearl?

you can't you can only change it in platinum

If you change Rotoms form are you changing it's type too?


Where to change Rotoms form?

you can change it in either eterna warehouse or silph co

How do you change Giratina form in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explores of the Sky?

you cant unless you have an action replay

What is Rotoms evolve level?

rotom doesnt evolve but does change form in platinum.

How do you help silph co in HeartGold?

go to the lift with a rotom then rotoms electricity you go up the lift, change rotoms form and go back down again

How do you change shaymins form on pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

Talk to one of the Shaymin in the village. At the top-right, I believe. It'll give you a Gracidea, which changes Shaymin's forme when used in a dungeon.

Is there an action replay cheat on Pokemon pearl to change Rotoms form?

yes you should try going on to to find it

How do you change Rotoms form on Pokemon diamond?

You can't unless you trade it to platinum, heartgold, or soulsilver. or pokeshift to black or white.