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You need to obtain the Secret Key a special key item in Pokemon platinum that you can use in the team galactic eterna building after you have cleared everyone out. you can get the SK(secret key) by mystery gift or action replay ds. Once you get everyone out go to the top north east corner in the bottom floor next to bookshelf thing and press the a button. a room will open and if you enter there will be some objects that run on a moter. Press a on them with a rotom in your party and it will ask if you want to change the rotoms form.

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Q: How do you change Rotom into a different form in Pokemon Platinum?
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How can you get Rotom to change forms in Pokemon Platinum Version?

give him a secret key the different secret key the different rotom

In Pokemon platinum what does the secret key do?

You unlock a place where Rotom can change its forms.

Where can I get the Super Key to change Rotom's form?

you can only get it in pokemon platinum...

How do you make Rotom change forms on Pokemon platinum?

you cant now...

Where does rotom turn into a mower in Pokemon diamond?

Rotom doesn't change form in dimond version. It only changes in Pokemon platinum.

How do you evolve Rotom in pokemon pearl?

you can't rotom has five different forms, which are only in platinum, with an event.

Can Rotom change forms?

Rotom can change forms in platinum

How do you get Rotom To change form in pokemon platinum?

You dont you find him in different forms tell your freinds im only 8 and i now everything about pokemon my name is wyatt

Where can you get a Rotom key on Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon event

Pokemon Platinum which Pokemon is number 152?


Which trainers have rotom?

No trainer have Rotom in Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, or Platinum.

Is there a picture of Rotom in a book on Pokemon platinum?