How do you change Dialga form?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dialga doesn't change form.

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Q: How do you change Dialga form?
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What is the Primal Dialga Flute?

The "Primal Dialga Flute" does not exist in the Pokemon games. Primal Dialga was a darkened form of Dialga in the Mystery Dungeon series and was part of the story line. No item was required to change Dialga into this form and an option to revert it back once recruited was and is currently unavailable.

Can a Dialga change into Palkia?

What are you talking about? No!

Who is primal dialga?

Primal Dialga is the evil form of Dialga, and can only be seen in Pokemon Explorers of Time or Pokemon Explorers of Darkness. Primal Dialga looks just a little different than the original Dialga. Don't forget he can be found in Pokemon Explorers of Sky as well. He turns evil when time appears to stop. But after you defeat him, he will just fall on the floor (wtf?) but that will give you enough time to fix time, then he will become regular dialga. You can visit him again later to catch him, but i forget how. Also, there is no way to change dialga into primal dialga after you catch him.

Is arceus immortal?

arceus is jewel of life when dialga,palkia and girantina attack it change its form so that make arceus immortal

Is there a super form of Palkia and Dialga?

nope its just there ONLY form!

How do you get a second Dialga in Pokemon diamond?

get a dito from on of the earlier games and leave it in the daycare place with the dialga and they will mate. It helps if you have the daycare app for your pokech. x

How does Dialga evolve?

First legendary Pokemon don't evolve although some can change forme for instance: give giratina the grisseous orb it changes to origin form and shaymin changes with gracidea which u find in floarama town. lastly arceus changes type and colour with plates. But dialga and palkia can't hange form or evolve :(

Where is dialga in pokemoncrater?

dialga is in the cave dialga is in the cave

How do you get a Weavile in Pokemon Diamond?

free dialga free dialga free dialga ????????????????????????????what do you mean free dialga???????????????????????

Who is stronger Dialga or Giratina?


How do you get Dialga in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

after you defeat him the first time in primal form go through the whole hidden land and temporal tower a stuff AGAIN and he is there. primal dialga is impossible to get

Is the Pokemon Dialga evil?

No, Dialga is not evil; Dialga is more of a hero. I'm sure Dialga are nice. Palkia is, however, sort of evil, and Giratina is evil, but Dialga is more of a protagonist.