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You need to buy a gameboy action replay. Look on the internet for clues on codes. Ones you do that, set the "Shiny Pokemon" on. (IMPORTANT: KEEP THE ACTION REPLAY IN THE GAMEBOY)! If you already followed the steps to unlock the cave to the regirock, click on the regirock. Then it will be shiny in battle. Its at same level. Good Luck!

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Q: How do you catch shiny regirock in Pokemon Sapphire?
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Where do you catch a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire?

its completely random

Pokemon sapphire where is the red Gyarados?

Catch a shiny magikarp and evolve it.

How do you catch a Pokemon platum redgerock or redgeice?

you catch regirock by going to mount cornet with a lv. 100 shiny regigigas.but i forgot how to catch regice.

How do you get shiny Pokemon easily in Pokemon Sapphire?

The odds of running into a shiny Pokemon in Sapphire are 1 to 8192, there is no discovered way to catch a shiny Pokemon more easily... however if you trade Pokemon with a foreign Pokemon version i.e. American and Japanese, and then make an egg with that Pokemon, the chances of getting a shiny egg quadruple to 1 in 2048.

What is the 6-digits game shark code to always catch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

Here it is : 123456

How do you get a shiny Aron in Pokemon sapphire?

You have a 1/8000 chances to see any shiny Pokemon find an area where you can find Aron alot and wait until its shiny then catch it.

Where can you catch a shiny skitty in Pokemon sapphire?

You can get a Shiny Skitty in a 1 in 1800 chance that a shiny Pokemon will appear, let alone the odds of having a Skitty Swarm appear on route 116.

Can you catch a shiny vulpix in Pokemon sapphire for the Game Boy advance is there even a chance?

All you do is catch a ditto and a vullpixand put them in the day care and if your lucky the egg will hatch in to a shiny vullpix.

How can you get a shiny stone in Pokemon Sapphire?

youcan not get shinys on Sapphire

What do shiny Pokemon look like in sapphire?

What do you think... SHINY!!!!

How do you get a shiny Regirock on Pokemon Emerald?

standing in front of him. save it and if it doesn't appear shiny do a soft reset

Can you catch shiny Pokemon in caves?

shiny Pokemon can appear anywhere!